At-Home Hair Removal. Visible Hair Reduction in just 4 weeks

Tired of the endless cycle of shaving and the discomfort of waxing? Looking for something that will last? The solution is here! Introducing the powerful Sillqy IPL Laser hair removal device - your key to achieving smooth, salon-quality results and visible hair reduction in just 4 weeks! Hair removal that lasts!Traditional hair removal methods pale in comparison - Sillqy's cutting-edge IPL technology offers a long-term solution that transforms your routine. It's time to reclaim your time and focus on what truly matters to you.
Embrace the confidence that comes from having beautifully smooth skin every day.

Suitable for All Areas of Hair Growth

Powerful Sillqy IPL device provides five energy levels designed to address various body zones. Customize your treatment by selecting the ideal energy level for optimal results.

Say goodbye to undesired hair through personalized, safe and highly efficient treatment solutions.

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Effective and Virtually Painless

Who says achieving effective IPL hair removal must come with discomfort? Thanks to Sillqy Ice-Cooling Technology, you can enjoy a virtually painless yet highly effective hair removal experience. This innovation lowers the contact temperature from scorching hot to refreshingly cool. Stay committed to your hair removal journey with Sillqy's exceptional hair removal device.

360° Ice cooling

Upgrade your hair removal experience with our Sapphire Ice-cooling Technology which maintains skin temperature at a comfortable 58°F, preventing heat damage while concentrating IPL pulse light solely on hair follicles for effective, pain-free hair removal.

Elegant and portable

Our compact and user-friendly design ensures that you can conveniently use our product in the comfort of your home or while you're on the go.

At home, it's a hassle-free addition to your beauty routine

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Compatible with a Wide Range of Skin and Hair Types

Sillqy's device offers a safe and effective solution for the various hair and skin types, as illustrated in the image

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What is the basic principle behind hair removal?

We've all encountered those pesky dark spots, stubble, and other undesirable remnants left behind by conventional hair removal methods that didn't quite get the job done. The Sillqy device harnesses Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology to pinpoint the melanin in your hair, gradually thinning and softening the hair until it naturally sheds, ultimately providing you with a more comprehensive and enduring hair removal solution.

What is intense pulsed light(IPL)?

IPL technology is a beam of light that converts energy to heat that is absorbed by the pigment in the hair, gradually preventing the hair from growing. The gentle beam of light is safe and painless, and with Skin Rejuvenation (SR) your skin ends up looking smooth and delicate.

What skin tone and hair color are suitable for Sillqy IPL hair removal device?

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) hair removal operates by emitting intense light pulses that are absorbed by the pigment present in hair follicles. These absorbed light pulses subsequently transform into heat, which disrupts the hair follicles and hinders future hair growth.

It's crucial to emphasize that IPL is most proficient when applied to individuals with lighter skin tones and darker hair colors. This is attributed to the light energy's primary absorption by the melanin pigment in the hair. In individuals with darker skin tones, there is a likelihood that the excess melanin in the skin may also absorb the light energy, potentially causing skin damage.

Similarly, IPL may not deliver the same level of effectiveness for individuals with light hair colors, such as blonde, gray, or red. The reason is the diminished melanin content in these hair colors, rendering it more challenging for the IPL device to effectively target the hair follicles.

To ensure both the effectiveness and safety of IPL hair removal, we strongly recommend that users consult the provided skin tone chart prior to making a purchase.

How often should I use Sillqy IPL device?

We recommend using the handset three to four times a week for the first month to achieve the best results. During the second month you can use it two to three times a week. After week 8 you can use this device once in 2 weeks or once a month.
Additionally, we suggest making adjustments based on your hair growth. If you notice thicker hair or stubborn areas, you can increase the gear level and frequency of usage. However, it's important to monitor your skin's reaction and adjust accordingly to avoid any discomfort or adverse effects.

How fast can I see results and are they completely permanent?

Most customers typically notice noticeable hair reduction within 3-4 weeks of starting the treatment. With 3-4 sessions per week, the results become fully apparent after 12 weeks. After each treatment, hair growth becomes noticeably sparser and finer. Ultimately, this hair reduction becomes a lasting effect. To maintain the skin's smoothness, you'll only need 1 treatment once a month or as required. It's essential to note that the outcome and treatment frequency may vary from person to person.

In accordance with FDA regulations, 'permanent hair removal' signifies 'consistent and long-term reduction of hair,' a standard we meet, even though individual interpretations of 'permanent' may differ. It's important to understand that not even the photo-therapy employed in clinics is entirely permanent."

Do I need to shave before treatment?

It is advisable to prepare the treatment area by shaving before using your handset. Shaving the hair to the correct length will enhance the IPL's ability to accurately target the hair follicles.

Which areas of the body I can use Sillqy device?

You are free to utilize your handset on any body area, such as the bikini area and the face. However, please refrain from using it in the vicinity of the eyes; it should only be applied below the cheekbones.

It's important to note that our IPL device is not appropriate for use in the inner regions of the bikini area.

To ensure your comfort, we recommend starting treatment on the bikini area, inner thighs, and buttocks at the lowest intensity level, as these areas can be more sensitive to the treatment.

Can I use device over tattoos?

The short answer is no. The light energy will be more attracted to the pigments in the skin than the melanin in your hair, which can lead to bad skin reactions.

What hair removal can I use between treatments?

It's essential to stick to shaving as your hair removal method. Techniques like waxing, plucking, threading, and epilation can diminish the treatment's efficacy. This is because IPL requires the hair follicle to remain intact for optimal results.